Welcome to where you can find the Straight Facts about Australian meat chickens.

You may hear a lot of emotive and sensational claims about meat chickens. These claims are often wildly exaggerated, use loaded language or are based on what happens overseas.

What you’re not told is that:

  • Australian meat chicken growers care about their flocks and are proud of their stockmanship and their ability as stockmen to raise healthy birds
  • High standards of bird welfare make good economic sense, and ensuring that chickens are well-fed, healthy and comfortable is in the best interests of birds and growers
  • Our customers - quick service restaurants and supermarkets most prominently - have exacting standards like us and audit bird welfare systems

The Australian Chicken Meat Industry subscribes to government-endorsed national Model Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals which cover the humane breeding, raising, transportation and processing of birds. These Codes were developed in consultation with governments, industry and animal welfare organizations.

Chicken growers are proud to be part of an industry that employs 40,000 Australians directly, and some 120,000 people indirectly, and produces a healthy, nutritious and inexpensive food that plays an important role in the diets of most Australians.

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