Careful Breeding Produces Healthy Chickens

Claims that chickens bred for meat (also known as broilers) are too big for their own legs or cardiovascular systems are simply wrong.

It simply doesn’t make sense to breed birds with physical problems or that never make it to market.

The fact is that the body systems of today’s chickens are probably better than those of 10-15 years ago.

Meat chickens have been selectively bred over the past 60 years to be more efficient at transforming feed into meat, as well as other important characteristics such as strong skeletal development and disease resistance. About 2.5m dollars a year is being spent on industry research (not including company specific research and development) into all aspects of animal husbandry to achieve high standards of bird health, welfare and performance.

It’s worth noting that hormones play no part in this breeding process and chicken farming more generally. Using hormones to boost growth of poultry is illegal in Australia.

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