Chickens Are Well Cared For

Anti-industry critics often make wild and spurious claims about the conditions inside chicken barns.

Virtually all commercial meat chickens are grown in what’s called a Deep Litter System, where absorbent substrate like wood shavings or rice hulls is used as bedding for the birds. This keeps the floors dry and friable, and the birds clean.

Lighting is used to encourage feeding and healthy growth. Individual grower practice varies from farm to farm and depends on the breed and age of the birds.

Some people will say chickens are provided too much light, some say too little. The bottom line is that growers will do what’s best for healthy chickens - and subjecting them to undue stress is not conducive to productive chicken rearing.

Biosecurity measures on Australian meat chicken farms are the equal to, if not better, than any in the world and keep our flocks free of many troublesome diseases that poultry producers in other countries struggle to control.

Meat chicken farmers are well-trained and attentive to detecting unwell or injured birds. They also have ready access to veterinarians should they require a higher level of expertise.

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