Going To Market

Industry critics paint a grim picture of the transportation and processing phase of chicken meat growing that is not supported by facts.

No-one sets out to hurt chickens while catching and transporting them. When being collected from their barns, birds are handled with care and for a minimum of time. Most chicken farms are located near processing plants to minimise time spent in transit.

It doesn’t make economic sense for birds to be injured or die on their way to processing.

It’s important to chicken growers that their birds do not suffer any unnecessary pain, distress, fear or physical injury prior to reaching the processing plant.

The processing of chickens for meat is designed to calm and then humanely stun the birds with minimal stress, and to kill them as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

For example, both during loading at the farm and unloading at the processing plant, chickens are handled in almost complete darkness because this keeps them calm and their stress levels to a minimum.

Human intervention is on hand in case of a systems failure. There is a dedicated person supervising the automatic stunning and killing process at all times, with this being his or her sole responsibility.

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