Vivien Kite


Australia’s representative body for the chicken meat industry, the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, has launched its blog, Chook Chat, to provide information for the general public on issues of general interest or concern to them. The blog will discuss a number of challenges faced by the industry and describe how the industry is addressing them. It is intended that it will provide an insight into the way the chicken industry does things and why – it is not intended to promote products, but to provide the facts.

Our website is the main information source on the chicken meat industry and presents the detailed industry facts and figures so please take a closer look.

Our blogger, Dr Vivien Kite, has over 24 years of experience in the chicken meat industry. She has extensive knowledge of the industry and experience in managing research issues for the industry, dealing with issues including animal health, animal welfare, research and food safety. Prior to joining the industry, she obtained a PhD in hen behaviour and conducted chicken welfare and behaviour research overseas. She is ideally placed to provide the facts about issues of interest to the public, and to answer some of the questions often asked by consumers about chicken meat and the industry that produces it.

Chook Chat aims to be an informal and personal way of sharing information and hopefully eliciting some feedback as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

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