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Chicken feed – what’s in it?

We’re commonly asked what meat chickens are fed in Australia. Well, chickens are fed diets that are formulated from a broad range of potential feed ingredients (predominantly grains) that are mixed together to meet the precise nutrient profile required by the bird at its different stages of growth.

As a result, chicken diets are primarily made up of macro ingredients such as cereal grains (eg wheat, barley and sorghum) and oilseed meals (such as soya bean or canola meal) or animal by-product meals.

Cereal grains make up between 60-70% of the diet and are the major source of energy in the diet. Other energy sources, such as plant or animal fats and oils, may be added to achieve the desired energy content of the diet.

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The Hormone Myth

How many times have you heard people talk about hormones in chicken meat? …that hormones are ‘fed’ to chickens? … that the hormones in chicken meat are causing an epidemic of early maturity/puberty in our young kids today?

Well, guess what? All the above are simply UNTRUE!  In fact, hormones haven’t been fed or in any other way administered to chickens here in Australia for over 50 years!

Despite this reality, around 80% of Australians continue to believe the industry feeds hormones to its chickens. How can this urban myth be so firmly ingrained in our beliefs?

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No Hormones

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