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Should poultry meat be washed?

It is generally not recommended to wash poultry meat before cooking. 

This recommendation has the endorsement of the Food Safety Information Council (FSIC). Washing is likely to spread any bacteria that may be on the meat to the kitchen sink, bench top and utensils and will not remove all bacteria.  

There is a danger that bacteria may be spread to taps and kitchen utensils, so make sure you wash hands  thoroughly immediately after handling raw chicken meat.

Only cooking will destroy all  bacteria effectively.

To read more about this topic, go to the UK Food Standards Agency website to learn about a recent survey that found that:

"A total of 80% of people wash their turkeys before cooking them, increasing significantly the risk of food poisoning, according to a new survey by the Food Standards Agency.

‘By washing your raw turkey, you’re actually more likely to spread the germs than get rid of

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