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Basic rules and their reason

For meat that is to be cooked before consumption, the main thing is to:

  • keep the meat refrigerated (below 5 degrees Celsius for fresh meat and below -20 degrees Celsius for frozen meat) while storing the meat; and
  • heat all parts of the meat to at least 75 degrees Celsius during the cooking process.

Why is this so?  Because below 5 degrees Celsius, these bacteria do not multiply and at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius, they get destroyed and become harmless.

The basic rules are simple.  Unfortunately it is still rather easy to slip up and forget to

  • keep meat chilled at all times; and
  • cook chicken meat thoroughly right through

Perhaps the most common failure is not to keep raw meat clearly separate from cooked and ready to eat meat, salads and vegetables during storage and most importantly during food preparation.  By cross-contaminating food that will not be exposed to heat prior to its consumption, harmful bacteria can reach a person via such a carrier.

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There is also a handy full colour Food Safety Flyer available for download; print it off and stick it on the fridge!

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