“The concentrated nature of the competitively placed chicken meat industry facilitates the adoption of research findings, so long as they provide commercial dividends. What is so encouraging for research providers is that the industry has the wit, intelligence and good sense to embrace discoveries and new technology.”

The Hon John Kerin AM
Chair, Poultry CRC Board and former Minister for Primary Industries and Energy 1983–91

Chicken meat touches the lives of most Australians on an almost daily basis, with 90 per cent of the population eating chicken meat at least once a week, and a third of us eating it three or more times a week.

In 2010-11, Australian per capita consumption rose to a staggering 43.9kg and the total consumer expenditure related to chicken meat in its various forms is estimated to be $5.6 billion.  The industry is also a major customer of the grains industry, purchasing over 5% of all grains produced in Australia.

Chicken meat’s relatively small environmental footprint compared with other land-based meat protein sources strongly supports the view that chicken meat production both in Australia and also worldwide will grow more strongly than any other livestock industry over the next decade and beyond.

The report “The Australian Chicken Meat Industry: An Industry in Profile”  has been compiled by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation to bring the most up-to-date information on this industry together in one single document.  The report is available in a web-friendly format, accessible by clicking on the chapter and section headings on the left.  The report can also be downloaded as a colour booklet (in PDF format) by selecting the bottom option on the left-hand side menu.

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