“The Australian chicken meat industry offers the consumer a wide range of product variety whilst maintaining a relatively inexpensive yet significant meat option for today’s diet.”

Gary Ekert
President, Australian Chicken Growers’ Council

3.6 The chicken meat industry in Australia -  Australia and the world

World chicken meat production has grown 36 per cent over the last ten years. While significant growth has been seen in all regions, it has been most evident in South America (54%) and Asia (39%). Growth in Australia, over the same period, was estimated at 52%.

As the global supply of chicken meat grows, Australia has consistently produced around 1 per cent of the world’s chicken meat over the last decade.

Globally, the world’s largest chicken meat producing countries are the USA, China and Brazil, with world production growing steadily. These three countries also consume the most chicken meat.

While the Australian industry is relatively small compared to the largest global producers, Australians remain significant per capita consumers of chicken meat.



Total domestic consumption (kt)
United States 16,563 13,463
China 12,550 12,457
Brazil 12,312 9,132
European Union 9,095 8,779
Mexico 2,809 3,344
India 2,650 2,923
Russia 2,310 2,649
Iran 1,600 1,660
Argentina 1,600 2,063
South Africa 1,290 1,395
Thailand 1,280 1,514
Australia 934* 910**
Sources: USDA (2011); * ABS (2011); **ACMF estimate, see table at 4.1

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