“The industry has many good reasons to be proud of its achievements, including how chickens are raised and processed, the huge variety of products available to consumers, the importance and value of the industry to the economy and rural/regional Australia, R&D outcomes and that chicken is still a relatively inexpensive meat option.”

Chris Turner
Chief Executive Officer, Turi Foods Pty Ltd

4.1 From production to consumption - Overview

The table below outlines the production and utilisation of chicken meat in Australia during the last calendar year.

Slaughterings 512.2 million meat chickensa
Production 934.4 kta
Average dressed weight 1.82 kgb
Exports 24.7 ktc
Total consumption 909.7b
Source: a ABS (2011), b ACMF calculation (calculation based on the preceding figures), c ABS customised report for ACMF, 2011

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