“The chicken meat industry is well placed to continue to grow in a carbon constrained environment. Strong industry involvement at the early stages of research projects paves the way for a smooth and timely implementation of the research outcomes.”

Gary Sansom AM
President, Australian Chicken Meat Federation

6.1 Key industry drivers - Productivity

Improvements and progress across the chicken meat industry are driven by five key priorities, namely productivity, food safety, animal health, animal welfare and the environment. Increasing productivity remains a key industry focus. The industry’s ability to improve the efficiency of both growing meat chickens and processing meat ready for sale has been critical to its increasing role as a staple of the Australian diet. It has also been important to its improved environmental efficiency, with fewer resources required to produce chicken.

Section 3.5 (Boosting industry productivity) and Section 4 (From production and consumption) of this report give more information on how the industry has improved its productivity and the impact that has had on production and consumption patterns. Section 7 (Research and development) describes some of the research priorities and programs that aim to improve production efficiency in the future.

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