“As the world’s population continues to rise, only by drastically increasing the proportion of chicken relative to other meats will we be able to meet the growing demand for meat over the next twenty years, particularly in developing countries.”

Dr Andreas Dubs
Executive Director, Australian Chicken Meat Federation

6.1 Key industry drivers - Productivity

Improvements and progress across the chicken meat industry are driven by five key priorities, namely productivity, food safety, animal health, animal welfare and the environment. Increasing productivity remains a key industry focus. The industry’s ability to improve the efficiency of both growing meat chickens and processing meat ready for sale has been critical to its increasing role as a staple of the Australian diet. It has also been important to its improved environmental efficiency, with fewer resources required to produce chicken.

Section 3.5 (Boosting industry productivity) and Section 4 (From production and consumption) of this report give more information on how the industry has improved its productivity and the impact that has had on production and consumption patterns. Section 7 (Research and development) describes some of the research priorities and programs that aim to improve production efficiency in the future.

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