“Food safety is the most important priority for all of us in the food business and is supported by animal health and welfare best practice and continuing advancements in environmental sustainability.”

John Hazeldene
Managing Director, Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm Pty Ltd

7.1 Research and development - Overview

Continuous productivity improvements in the Australian industry have been key to its growth in recent decades, and ongoing research will continue to drive its future growth and sustainability.

All chicken meat processing companies invest significant funds into in-house research and development, focusing on processing  technologies, quality control procedures, distribution, packaging, product development and marketing, and market development.

In addition, research of a pre-competitive nature and/or with a significant public good component is being undertaken in a range of public and private organisations. Industry participates actively and provides funding through its Rural Industries R&D Corporation research program and the Poultry CRC which are described below.

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