“As the world’s population continues to rise, only by drastically increasing the proportion of chicken relative to other meats will we be able to meet the growing demand for meat over the next twenty years, particularly in developing countries.”

Dr Andreas Dubs
Executive Director, Australian Chicken Meat Federation

7.2 Research and development - Rural industries research and development corporation (RIRDC) chicken meat program

The RIRDC Chicken Meat Program coordinates, funds and manages research, development and extension activities provided by public and private research organisations including universities, CSIRO and state departments, as well as by industry itself.

The chicken meat industry has long recognised the value of research and development, and in 1969 was one of the first of Australia’s agricultural industries to establish an industry levy for research. This levy, originally established under the Chicken Meat Research Act 1969, is matched with research funding provided by the Australian Government. Today, the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program allocates over million in research funding each year.

Distribution of funding for research projects is guided by a five year R&D plan which is developed with significant input from a range of stakeholders and is managed with the assistance of a largely industry-based advisory committee.

The program’s key goals for 2009–14 are:
  • Production efficiency for profit, climate change response and food security outcomes
  • Animal welfare – a proactive response that includes objective standards and training
  • Food safety – for enhanced consumer confidence and industry returns
  • Addressing climate change, delivering resource use efficiency and environmental outcomes
  • Market research and intelligence gathering to inform industry decision making
  • Collaboration to deliver human capital formation and extension outcomes

As research priorities also reflect the intentions behind the investment of the Australian government, it is also important that the research undertaken contributes to the public good and is in the broad interest of the Australian population.

More information: www.rirdc.gov.au

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