“As the world’s population continues to rise, only by drastically increasing the proportion of chicken relative to other meats will we be able to meet the growing demand for meat over the next twenty years, particularly in developing countries.”

Dr Andreas Dubs
Executive Director, Australian Chicken Meat Federation

7.3 Research and development - Poultry CRC

The Poultry CRC, part of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres program, brings together 28 organisations from academia, industry and government to focus on research and education programs in sectors of economic and social benefit. The Poultry CRC covers all poultry industries, including the egg industry.

The chicken meat industry strongly supports the Poultry CRC, both through direct membership of the CRC and through the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program. This support has been ongoing: following its initial establishment in 2003, the Poultry CRC was renewed for a further seven and a half years in 2010 with funding of million from its participating organisations, including a  million cash grant from the Commonwealth Government.

The Poultry CRC aims to help achieve sustainable, ethical poultry production in the face of population growth and climate change. To do this, it conducts research and drives education and training, focusing around three key research programs.

Three key research programs:

  • Maintaining poultry health and enhancing bird welfare
  • Bird nutrition and environmental research, to improving resource utilisation and reduce the environmental impact of poultry production
  • Research to control food safety issues and quality issues.

The CRC aims to develop alternative systems to produce healthy chicken products in the face of reduced reliance on antibiotics and chemicals. It endeavours to improve preparedness against emerging diseases and ensure greater responsiveness to more discerning and demanding consumers. This activity reflects the expectation that continuing public demand for a cleaner and greener environment, world trade agreements, and tighter controls over food safety and quality will continue to have significant impacts on the chicken meat industry.

The Poultry CRC is governed by a skills-based board and is based at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW.

More information: www.poultrycrc.com.au

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