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Welcome to the Chicken Meat Media Portal

This website provides easy and direct access to a range of information of particular relevance to journalists with an interest in chicken meat and the Australian chicken meat industry. 


  • Select the appropriate button at the top of this page to view fact sheets, industry policy statements and media releases.


  • Access important supporting resources such as the photo library, the video library and a selection of podcasts via the buttons below.


  • And of course for more in depth information on all aspects of chicken meat and the farming and industry behind it, we recommend to you our main website at


  • Once or twice a year, the Australian Chicken Meat Federation invites interested journalists to a one-day visit of chicken farms and a processing plant.  To learn more about these Media Tours, click here.


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HiRes Photo Files available online

It is possible to access high resolution files of the photos displayed in the photo gallery by clicking here.  Note that this link is to a Drop Box location outside of this website.  We request that the source is acknowledged as "ACMF at" .


For more detailed information on specific topics, go to these micro sites:


Chicken Welfare

Australian Chicken Meat Industry - An Industry in Profile


local research into the environmental footprint of a range of agricultural sectors is currently being finalised


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