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From time to time, we arrange for a group of interested journalists and others active in the media (e.g. bloggers with an interest in food production) to inspect some chicken sheds and a processing plant.  

In May 2013, we took a small group of people to Bendigo in Victoria where Hazeldene's Chicken Farms hosted us for the day.  We visited a chicken shed with 3 day old chicks and one with older (3 weeks) chickens.  We also had a look at the impressive new farming complex which houses the breeder flocks, but only from the outside, because of very strict biosecurity requirements for these most valuable flocks.  To enter these facilities, everybody has to shower, wash their hair and change in to new clothes and repeat the procedure again when leaving.

Following a splendid lunch featuring a range of chicken dishes prepared by the Bendigo TAFE chef, the group toured the processing facilities.  Senior managers and the CEO were on hand during the day to answer all the questions and provide background information.  A number of publications reported on this visit.  Here is a selection: by Amy Bainbridge on 11 May 2013 by Julia Rabar on 27 May 2013

You can also view photos from the most recent Media Tour at Hazeldene's Chicken Farms in Bendigo in our Photo Gallery.

The chicken meat industry would welcome your expression of interest in such a tour.  Please send an email with all your contact details to, indicating the type of media that you are working in and any specific interests that you may have regarding our industry (such as animal welfare, food security, nutrition, new technology, etc).  We also need to know in which state(s) you would be able to participate in such a tour.  Note that tours take a full day because we cover a range of farms as well as a processing plant and we want to ensure that there is ample time for discussions with industry representatives.  We are trying to move the Media Tour around the country and will respond according to demand.

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