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Consumer Updates

ACMF reviewed its antibiotics policy in March 2016, mainly to update its content and to clarify certain statements. The Antibio...
Chicken the most popular meat in Australia
Chicken ... the perfect and popular choice |
2011-12 Annual Report by the National Residue Survey
Latest National Residue Survey Results The National Residue Survey is a survey  that is undertaken by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry on behalf of a broad range of in...
Avian Influenza on an Egg Farm
The NSW Department of Primary Industries announced on 15 November 2012 the finding of avian influenza in an egg production flock in the lower Hunter Valley. (...
Channel 7 Today Tonight claims poison in chicken meat
The Today Tonight show on 8 May 2012 had a segment about chicken meat that unnecessarily alarmed viewers. We would like to reassure consumers that all chicken meat...
National Residue Survey 2009-10
  The chicken meat industry finances an annual survey undertaken through the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to check on the level of hormonal and antibiot...
Antimicrobial Resistance: an industry position statement
It is the industry's conclusion from the scientific evidence available that the serious human health issues resulting from infections with resistant bacteria, at times reported in ...
Chicken Meat Usage and Attitude Survey
The chicken meat industry, through its Chicken Meat R&D Program administered by the Rural Industries R&D Corporation, commissioned Colmar Brunton to undertake a survey of consumers.  This...
ABARE Report on GM Stockfeed
ABARE released an informative report on the economic issues for producers and consumers related to the use of GM feed ingredients in stockfeed in Australia.The three major Australian processors have a...
Industry statement on product traceability and recall
The operations and documentation involved in producing chicken meat and further processed products must be such that at any point in time, at any point along the production chain, and for any product,...
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