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Video Clips of Industry Aspects

Lighthearted Video on chicken meat and hormones
Eat this chicken: the truth about hormones and much more! Downloading of this video file (some 5 MB) will take a bit of time, so please be patient. It's worth it!   Th...
Farm Visit
Welcome to a typical Australian Chicken Farm!  This video gives you a glimpse of what it is like in a modern commercial chicken shed.  No meat chicken is ever raised in cages. The co...
Chicken Meat and its Nutritional Value
The short video shown below covers the nutritional value of chicken meat. More detailed information is available from other parts of this website. In particular, from ...
Price and Industry Efficiency
This video covers the price development over the last few decades and the efficiency improvements that made it possible.The clip is an extract from the secondary school DVD "From Hatchery to Home...
Introduction and Statistics
This short video gives an overview of the chicken meat industry, consumption patterns over past decades and a range of facts and figures on the industry.The clip is an extract from the secondary schoo...
This short video introduces the viewer to the breeding process, an essential step in the multiplication process from a few thousand fertilized eggs carrying the latest genetic strain to the many milli...
This video segment shows how the fertilized eggs from the breeder farms are hatched at special hatcheries over a 21 day period. From the hatchery, the one-day old chicks are transported to the broile...
Feed is an essential input in to the chicken growing process and its cost makes up about 60% of the overall production costs. Feed is formulated carefully to match the nutritional requirements of chi...
Rearing Farm
One day old chicks are transported from the hatchery to the broiler rearing farm where they will be kept until they have reached the size required for processing. This film extract shows what a chick...
This film segment shows the viewer what happens in a chicken processing plant from when the birds arrive at the plant to the packaged product ready for dispatch.The clip is an extract from the seconda...
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