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Industry Associations


Research Organisations

Australian Federal Government Departments and Agencies

State Government Departments

International Organisations

Other Links of Potential Interest


Industry Associations:
Australian Chicken Growers' Council Limited

Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand
Australian Organic Ltd
(for information about organic farming)
Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia Ltd
(for information about free range production)
Australian Egg Corporation Limited for information on table eggs (the egg industry is quite separate from the chicken meat industry. Read more ... )


Members of the Australian Poultry Industries Association:

Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
Steggles (Owned by Baiada Poultry)
Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited
  Turi Foods: La Ionica and Golden Farms
Cordina Chicken Farms Pty Ltd
Golden Cockerel
Red Lea Chickens Pty Ltd
Hazeldene's Chicken Farm Pty Ltd

Other Processing or Further Processing Businesses:

Lenard's Pty Ltd
Cammaroto Poultry


Research Organisations:

Links to relevant research organisations are available in the section on Research.

The Australian Poultry CRC may be of particular interest in this respect.

Also visit the Poultry Hub, a portal leading to a wealth of information, not only on research

Australian Federal Government Departments and Agencies:

Department of Agriculture (DoA)

Emergency Diseases Website (part of DoA)

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

ABARES (Agricultural Economics)

Department of Health and Aging

Biosecurity (Quarantine, Import previously known as AQIS, and Export)

RIRDC (Rural Industries R&D Corporation)

State Government Departments:

Queensland Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Foresty

DPI New South Wales  and their Poultry section in particular

Department of Primary Industries - Victoria

Primary Industries and Resources South Australia

Agriculture Western Australia

Department of Primary Industries, Water & Environment - Tasmania

Queensland Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry (DTRDI) (assistance for SMEs)


International Organisations:

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

FAO Emergency Prevention System - EMPRES

World Health Organization (WHO)

World Trade Organization (WTO)

World Animal Health Organization (OIE)

US Website on Avian Influenza

BBC Website on Avian Influenza


Other Links of Potential Interest:  
Animal Health Australia is a company whose members include all States and the Australian Governments and 14 livestock industries.
Animal Health Australia maintains a website dedicated to farm biosecurity
The Poultry Hub is a poultry portal developed by the Poutlry CRC to assist those in the industry as well as students and consumers to find information about organisations, people and facts and figures of relevance to the poultry industry and its products.
Game Farm: Australian Owned Producers and Exporters of Quality Table Game Birds

Ultimate list of all chicken breeds (Website: Coops & Cages)

Which chicken breed is right for you? (Website: Somerzby)

Pepe's Ducks (NSW) and Luv-a-Duck Pty Ltd (VIC) are the two main duck processors in Australia

Parrot Society of Australia Inc

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