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Policy Positions

Commitment to the use of GM free feed
All the chickens grown in Australia have been produced through selective breeding. As there are no genetically modified chickens in Australia, consumers are not eating GM food when eating chicken m...
ACMF Statement on GM Feed (44 KB)
Date : 17/02/2016

ACMF Statement on Importation of Chicken Meat
Australia has strict protocols in place for the importation of chicken meat. This is to protect Australian agriculture and consumers from diseases of poultry including those related to wild birds a...
ACMF Statement on Importation (48 KB)
Date : 03/09/2014

Industry statement on product traceability and recall
The operations and documentation involved in producing chicken meat and further processed products must be such that at any point in time, at any point along the production chain, and for any product,...
ACMF Statement on Traceability and Recall (37 KB)
Date : 21/05/2007

Avian influenza (bird flu)
The chicken meat industry takes the threat of avian influenza and other emergency animal diseases very seriously. Animal Health Australia is the company set up by livestock industries, States und F...
AI Information for Customers (50 KB)
AI Information for Employees (52 KB)
AI Preparedness Document (73 KB)
Date : 16/02/2007

ACMF Statement on Food Safety
The chicken meat industry recognises that food safety is vital to consumer health and market confidence in our industry and its products. The chicken meat industry supports safe food handling ...
ACMF Statement on Food Safety (40 KB)
Date : 20/12/2006

No Hormones are administered to chickens
No hormones are fed or otherwise administered to any poultry in Australia. Consumers can be confident that their chicken meat is free of hormones, as the National Residue Survey, funded by the ...
ACMF Statement on Hormones (33 KB)
Date : 16/02/2006

Animal Welfare Policy Statement
Meat chickens are never raised in cages. Commercial meat chickens are raised in large, clean, temperature regulated sheds. Free range chickens have access to barn yards as well as their shed. S...
ACMF Statement on Animal Welfare (516 KB)
Date : 16/02/2006

Biosecurity on the Farm
Biosecurity in the chicken farming sector refers to all measures aimed at limiting the introduction and spread of diseases, such as Infectious Bursal Disease and avian influenza, and microbial cont...
Farm Biosecurity Manual for Chicken Growers (245 KB)
Farm Biosecurity Factsheet (318 KB)
Biosecurity Poster for Chicken Farms (608 KB)
Date : 10/01/2006

Use of Antibiotics
The chicken meat industry very much appreciates the concerns that consumers sometimes have regarding the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are under strict control and are only used in accordance wit...
ACMF Antibiotics Policy (1.18 MB)
ACMF Antibiotics Policy - Consumer Summary (67 KB)
ACMF Antibiotics Policy - Bibliography (69 KB)
Date : 31/10/2005

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