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Stephen Page is a veterinarian and clinical pharmacologist with a long standing and special interest in antibiotic use in all species, including livestock. Use of antibiotics and the potential resistance to antibiotics that this can induce is an important consideration whenever antibiotics are used in animal as well as human medicine.


In four short recordings, Stephen addresses the following questions:

Why are antibiotics used in the chicken meat industry? (43 seconds)



What are the resistance issues around the use of antibiotics? (72 seconds)



What are the residue issues around the use of antibiotics? (43 seconds)



How does Australia rate and why? (70 seconds)



Bachelor of Science (Veterinary) (Honours)
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)
Diploma of Veterinary Clinical Studies
Master Veterinary Clinical Studies
Master Applied Science (Environmental Toxicology)
Member Australian College Veterinary Scientists (Pharmacology)

Director, Advanced Veterinary Therapeutics
An important focus of expertise is directed at appropriate use of veterinary medicines in livestock, assessment of the risks of the use of veterinary medicines and development of risk management plans.

Active involvement for more than 20 years in the development of codes of practice and guidelines on appropriate use of veterinary medicines as member and chair of the Therapeutics Advisory Committee of the Australian Veterinary Association.

Facilitator of two units of study within the University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science online Veterinary Public Health Management programme (Hazards to Human and Animal Health and Food Safety) which explore with post-graduate students from all corners of the globe the key elements of prudent use and assurance of food safety.

Author of several textbook chapters addressing risk assessment and appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in livestock. Invited speaker on the subject of veterinary medicine use in livestock at national and global conferences in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Consultant to government, industry organisations, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, OIE (World organisation for animal health) and animal health companies on appropriate use of veterinary medicines.

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