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Where does our food come from?

It becomes more and more common for consumers to be “left in the dark” about the origins of the food they are eating. This is not the consumers' fault, after all for most of us food comes in convenient packages with colourful writing rather than from a tree or our own back yard.

The chicken meat industry is keen to help lift the veil on its operation and to give everybody, and particularly our younger consumers, a good insight into where chicken comes from. So, if you have a school project looking at food or studying a local industry, why not choose chicken as the topic? This website provides access to an extensive resource covering such topics as:

We offer a free Kondinin Workboot Series educational book "The Story of Chicken" to teachers to assist them in their class room work. This offer is only available to teachers. Click here to read more.

The video farm visit is a good starting point and all the video clips and more are presented in a structured way on the DVD that is available free to schools (and at a nominal cost to others). The DVD comes in two versions, one for primary school and one for secondary school. Both versions come with dozen of pages of supporting material that can be used prior, during and after the viewing of the DVD.

There are specific pages that deal with such matters as animal health, animal welfare and the environment. Did you know that chicken meat is by far the most environmentally friendly land based meat production? Or that all chicken meat sold in Australia is produced in Australia by family owned local companies?

Nutrition is a growing area of interest to many consumers. Chicken has a great story to tell on that front too. Low in fat, in particular low in saturated fat, high in protein and loaded with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, it is a nutritious, tasty and affordable food that just about everybody eats. One out of every three Australians eats chicken three or more times per week (read more). In fact, Australians consume on average 44kg of chicken per year, more than beef and much more than the other meats.

Other topics of interest, such as the use of antibiotics to maintain chickens healthy and the misinformed concern that the industry uses hormones to make chicken grow faster, are also dealt with factually and in detail.

Make chicken meat the topic of your science or economics school project: You will be surprised by what you discover!

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