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Local and International Trade

In terms of volume of chicken meat, the eight main integrated processors, including Inghams, Baiada, Turi Foods, Golden CockerelCordina, Red Lea and Hazeldene, represent over 95% of the total Australian production.  All trade inquires, regardless of whether it is from local wholesalers or retailers or for export markets, should be addressed directly to chicken meat processors.  Processors' websites can also be accessed by clicking here.

Contact ListFor your convenience, there is also a PDF file (size: 33KB) available with many of the relevant contact details for local and export sales.  To download this file, click here.


Most processing plants are licensed for export and many countries will accept the requirements of the AQIS Export Control (Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products) Orders as sufficient for product to be exported to them (for more information, contact AQIS or go to  However, some countries may have additional requirements and thus exporters must check with the receiving country as to the quarantine and food safety requirements for that country.


Importation of raw and cooked chicken meat is strictly controlled.  The Australian Government has undertaken an extensive Import Risk Analysis (IRA) and based on this work has established prescribed risk management measures for a range of disease agents (to read more, click here).  

Under a separate protocol, cooked chicken meat may be imported from New Zealand. Other than for that, the only imports currently permitted is a small volume of processed chicken meat products that have been fully retorted (e.g. cooked to high temperature in its container), such as in canned chicken, soups or pet foods.  

For further details regarding import requirements, please contact AQIS or consult the AQIS website, in particular the ICON database that lists current requirements.

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