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General Questions

  1. Are Australian chickens kept in cages?
  2. Are chickens fed hormones in Australia?
  3. Why do many people wrongly believe that chickens are fed hormones?
  4. Does Australia import poultry meat?
  5. Are chickens genetically modified?
  6. Are chickens fed GM feed?
  7. Why do chickens grow so quickly?
  8. How do you know chicken is properly cooked?
  9. Why is it important to cook chicken?
  10. How many meat chickens are produced in Australia?
  11. How are antibiotics used?
  12. What is the difference between free range chickens, organic chickens and normal commercially farmed chickens?
  13. I am thinking of growing my own poultry or keeping some laying hens…where can I buy day old chickens or pullets?

Avian Influenza Questions

  1. Can I catch avian influenza (also known as bird flu) by eating chicken?
  2. Is there avian influenza in Australia at present?
  3. Are all chickens sold for consumption in Australia grown locally?
  4. What does the World Health Organisation (WHO) say about AI and food safety?
  5. What is the risk of Avian Influenza infecting Australian poultry?
  6. So what would happen if there were an outbreak of avian influenza in a poultry flock in Australia?
  7. What specific steps has the industry taken to minimise the risk?
  8. What is the risk of our food becoming contaminated?
  9. Where can I get more information on avian influenza and poultry?
  10. What is the risk of the disease spreading to humans?
  11. Where can I get more information on the possible human influenza pandemic?

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