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Australian Chicken Farms – How Are Meat Chickens Farmed?

Ever wondered what a meat chicken farm looks like? Or what a meat chicken farmer’s day to day activities are? If so, take a look at our new video below which takes you for a visit to an Australian meat chicken farm, led by the farmers themselves. Also take a look at the second video, in which the farmers take you through what’s involved in running their chicken farm on a daily basis.

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Meet the People Involved in our Industry

It is the people in the industry with their dedication, experience, professional approach and drive, which make the Australian chicken meat industry what it is today – a highly efficient and sustainable agricultural endeavour providing the main ingredient to millions of meals every day of the year.

Here you are able to meet a handful of these people. They are keen to share their views and experience with you. We hope that listening to some of these short video clips will give you a better appreciation of their commitment to looking after their chickens and to producing top quality chicken meat which is healthy, nutritious and affordable for all.

Barry and Damian own and operate a large conventional meat chicken farm consisting of eight chicken sheds. They have been in the industry for 18 and 15 years respectively and are justly proud of what they have achieved.

John owns a free range meat chicken farm in SE Queensland. He has been farming for over 33 years and cares deeply about his chickens and his Angus cattle.

Kelly is the link between the processing company (who owns the chickens) and the chicken farmers (who raise the meat chickens). As Broiler (meat chicken) Service Person for Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited, she is dealing with some 62 farms, both conventional and free range, assisting them in optimising their farming operation.

Shona is the manager of a free range farm. She loves animals and enjoys looking after the thousands of chickens as well as cattle, horses and much more.