Yes, ‘poultry nutritionist’ is a real job!

.. and not just any job, it’s one of the most important jobs in the chicken meat industry. Meat chickens are fed diets formulated specifically to meet their needs at different stages throughout their life, and it’s the job of the poultry nutritionist to make sure chickens get precisely what they need. As you can [...]

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Take a (’Virtual’) Tour of an Australian Chicken Farm

Ever wondered what a meat chicken farm looks like, particularly from the inside? Or wondered about what a chicken farmer does on a daily basis? While it’s not possible or practical to offer everyone the opportunity to physically visit a meat chicken farm - for a start, not everyone is located near to where chicken [...]

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Don’t let your Yuletide joy turn sour.. How to cook the Christmas ‘bird’ safely

In previous blogs we’ve emphasised the importance of adhering to the key food safety principles of  ‘Clean, chill, cook, separate’ (see infographic here https://bit.ly/2QCwsfc)  in ensuring your chicken handling skills in the kitchen are up to scratch and that your roast chook doesn’t make you crook – but how does this relate to preparing a [...]

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Australian Meat Chickens – the Facts

In my August blog (Chicken’s place on the dinner plate and in the mind of consumers) I shared the findings of some consumer research that the ACMF conducted earlier this year which clearly showed that many myths and misconceptions persist about the way meat chickens are housed and looked after in Australia. Australians also have [...]

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Are Australian meat chickens genetically modified? The answer is no. Modern breeds of chicken are no more genetically modified (GM) than your poodle or labrador.  Given consumers' uncertainty around whether chickens raised for meat are genetically modified - 37% of Australians say yes, 44% say they don’t know and only 19% say no [1] - then I [...]

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Chicken’s place on the dinner plate and in the mind of the consumer

It’s safe to say that Australian consumers love their chicken meat – as reported in my last blog (chicken meat eating up its competition) ABARES has forecast that Australians will have consumed a whopping 49 kg of chicken meat per person in 2017-18, making the average Aussie consumer one of the highest consumers of chicken [...]

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Eating chicken helps you to feel full – here’s why

A previous blog (http://www.chicken.org.au/chookchat/can-chicken-help-long-term-weight-loss/) discussed some of the ways in which lean chicken can contribute to achieving your healthy weight goals, and the reasons for this. High amongst these was that: Chicken meat has the equivalent protein content of beef, lamb and pork. One 100g serve of chicken breast provides more than 50% of the [...]

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