Meat Chicken behaviour – what they do and why it’s important

In last month’s blog, I talked about traditional selective breeding, what it means, how it is done, and what its impacts have been in terms of the productivity of modern meat chickens and flow-on benefits for consumers. I hinted that in this month’s blog I would discuss whether and how selective breeding might have changed [...]

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Why the expression “Factory Farming” is not particularly helpful

People in the chicken meat industry often face questions and criticism from those concerned about modern farming and animal welfare.  It is sometimes difficult to communicate our thoughts and values effectively simply because of the emotional aspects of the concern. These discussions centre on value judgments and ethical considerations [...]

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Schools battle it out over chickens

Schools battle it out at Sydney Royal Show Commercial Meat Chicken Pairs competition Just before Easter this year, I was delighted to be able to serve as a steward in the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW’s annual commercial meat chicken pairs competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Sponsored by Steggles, this competition pits schools [...]

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Chicken feed – what’s in it?

We’re commonly asked what meat chickens are fed in Australia. Well, chickens are fed diets that are formulated from a broad range of potential feed ingredients (predominantly grains) that are mixed together to meet the precise nutrient profile required by the bird at its different stages of growth. As a result, chicken diets are primarily [...]

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