What’s going on here?

What are the chickens in this photo doing? And why are they all bunched up together, I hear you ask? Well, chickens are by nature social animals; they live in flocks. In the wild, or in a backyard situation, this flocking behaviour provides individual birds with protection from predators and also allows them to keep [...]

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Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?

…or the oceans, in the case of chicken meat available to Australian consumers. Consumers often associate the beef and lamb that they buy as having been grown in Australia, but are not so confident about the origin of their chicken meat. Well, good news! Almost all chicken meat available for you to buy in Australia [...]

Nerdy chickens? Supporting chicken welfare with science

by guest blogger, Dr Kylie Hewson* The viability of the Australian chicken meat industry depends on the implementation of good welfare practices every day, for every flock, and this has been recognised since the start of the commercial industry back in the 1950s. Not only do farmers have an obligation to protect and respect the [...]

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Shower On, Shower Off

“What’s this got to do with chickens?” I hear you say. Well, in some parts of the chicken production business, quite a lot! Why? Because it’s one of the many biosecurity measures that may be implemented by industry to protect flocks from infectious disease. What’s biosecurity? From a chicken industry perspective, biosecurity refers to a set of preventative [...]

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Lean chicken’s contribution to the ‘bottom line’

How many times have you heard it reported that Australia is in the grip of an obesity epidemic? Well, to help to address this, this week (13 – 19 February) the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is organising online initiatives and a series of activities around Australia in support of Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW). [...]

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Nutritional credentials of chicken stack up

With National Nutrition Week (including World Food Day – 16 October) just around the corner (National Nutrition Week 16-22 October), it’s a perfect opportunity to remind readers of the nutritional attributes of chicken. So, what’s so great about chicken? And what role does it have as part of a healthy balanced diet? The most important [...]

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It’s Official: Chicken Remains Australia’s Favourite Meat

Earlier this month, ABARES (the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences) released its annual update on current and forecast future production and consumption of Australian agricultural products, including meats. Its statistics show that Australians are forecast to consume a whopping 46.2 kg of chicken meat, per person, over 2015-16, not only cementing [...]

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