It’s Official: Chicken Remains Australia’s Favourite Meat

Earlier this month, ABARES (the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences) released its annual update on current and forecast future production and consumption of Australian agricultural products, including meats. Its statistics show that Australians are forecast to consume a whopping 46.2 kg of chicken meat, per person, over 2015-16, not only cementing [...]

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Meat chicken behaviour – how do farmers use it?

Last month, I talked a little bit about meat chicken behaviour – not just what chickens do, but why it’s important. I foreshadowed that in my next blog I’d explain how chicken farmers use chicken behaviour to read and respond to their birds’ needs. So, what behaviours does a chicken farmer use, and how does [...]

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Where does your chicken come from?

Have you ever heard it said that children today have no idea where their food comes from? This statement seems to be continually reinforced by research and surveys, both in Australia and overseas, the most recent of which to be reported by the media last year being based on research commissioned by Woolworths (eg: Australian kids [...]

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