‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ Coming to School Next Year!

‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ Coming to School Next Year!

Did you learn about chickens when you were at school? Are you teaching students about chickens at school? Are you interested in finding out more about where and how the chickens many of us eat come from whilst taking students on a journey to explore the ‘living world’?

If so, there is a series of new resources coming to school at the beginning of next term that offer unique curriculum content within the ’Living World’ strands of the K-10 New South Wales Science syllabuses.

Chickens are fascinating animals and provide students with interesting subject matter to discuss the many aspects of our living world, from the interactions between humans and animals, how we create food from animals, how scientific knowledge influences our living world, right through to understanding what a managed ecosystem looks like in the context of a broader natural ecosystem.

The inquiry teaching resource series, ‘Chicken farming in the living world’ has been developed by the NSW Department of Education to explore how humans use chickens for meat. This resource uses videos created by the peak industry body representing the Australian chicken meat industry, the Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc. (ACMF).

The content offers teachers looking for new material something close to the heart of many Australians and a ready to ‘plug and play’ resource from the ‘Living World’ strand. The new resources offer curriculum content tailored to each school stage across primary and secondary school and tackle the following questions;

Stage 1 – Years 1-2        ’How do humans use plants and animals?’

Stage 2 – Years 3-4        ‘How do we create food and fibre from animals and plants?’

Stage 3 – Years 5-6        ‘Why is it important for food and / or fibre to be produced sustainably?’

Stage 4 – Years 7-8        ‘What scientific knowledge has influenced the current agricultural practices of the chicken meat industry?’

Stage 5 – Years 9-10      ‘How does the closed system of a chicken meat farm model the interactions, flow of energy and the cycling of matter through a natural ecosystem?’

Why now?

It has been a decade since the Australian Chicken Meat Federation launched the ‘Hatchery to Home ‘program to schools nationally, and with the updates to the Australian syllabus and changing industry practices it is now the ideal time for us to launch these new resources.  Since the industry developed its original resources the approach to classroom teaching has shifted somewhat from teacher-led learning and activities to a student-led approach to which the new resources have been aligned.

As the industry peak body, it is important that we develop and make such resources accessible – to inform and ensure an understanding around industry practices.

How to access the resources?

‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ will be officially launched in the New Year to coincide with the start of Term One.

The resources will be available in January 2020 via the NSW Department of Education resource hosting platforms and also directly available from the school resources page on the Australian Chicken Meat Federation’s website – www.chicken.org.au.

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