Are chickens fed hormones in Australia?

Australian chickens are not given hormones in any way. Their size occurs naturally due to selective breeding and optimal nutrition. Independent tests by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, as part of the National Residue Survey, have consistently confirmed that Australian chicken meat is free of added hormones.

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Australian chickens kept in cages?

Chickens that are grown in Australia to produce the chicken meat that you eat (as opposed to those that lay eggs) are not kept in cages. They are raised on the floor in large barns, where ventilation systems control the shed environment, such as the temperature and air quality. Some farms also provide the chickens [...]

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Where can I get more information on the possible human influenza pandemic?

There are two diseases that are covered by the media at present. On the one hand there is the bird disease, avian influenza, and in particular the strain H5N1 that is affecting poultry in a number of South-East Asian countries, China and more recently Bulgaria, Rumania, the Ukraine, Turkey, Nigeria, Italy, Germany and France. The [...]

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Where can I get more information on avian influenza and poultry?

This website has further information and links that you may wish to explore. An excellent international site is the US based information portal http://www.avianinfluenzainfo.com and the FAQs on that site. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organisation are other good sources of information on avian influenza.

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What specific steps has the industry taken to minimise the risk?

The Australian poultry industry has taken comprehensive steps over the years to minimise the risk of an outbreak, including: Strict bio-security on farms. Constant vigilance. The industry is constantly checking and testing flocks for possible outbreaks in partnership with government; and A well rehearsed and up-to-date rapid response plan which would come into play in [...]

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So what would happen if there were an outbreak of avian influenza in a poultry flock in Australia?

Australia is a world leader in biological security and has comprehensive programs and procedures for the detection and eradication of any outbreak. In the unlikely event of an outbreak, the infected farm would immediately be quarantined and depopulated to control and eradicate any further spread in line with agreed national standards. No birds from flocks [...]

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