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Most of the companies listed here have processing plants that are licensed for export, and many countries have agreed certification arrangements in place which allow the export of chicken meat from Australia to their country. However, certification arrangements are not in place to allow export of chicken meat to some countries (e.g. mainland China), and some countries may have additional requirements that must be met.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) maintains a manual of importing country requirements.  This identifies which countries have certification arrangements in place for chicken exports from Australia, and what the certification requirements are (see  Potential exporters should check this manual or with the DAWR to establish whether Australia has arrangements in place to export to specific export markets of interest, and what the quarantine and food safety requirements for each country are, where such certification agreements exist.


Importation of raw and cooked chicken meat is strictly controlled.  The Australian Government has undertaken an extensive Import Risk Analysis (IRA) and based on this work has established prescribed risk management measures for a range of disease agents. For more information see here.

Most countries find it difficult to meet these rigorous requirements and, for that reason, the only country for which importation of raw chicken meat is currently permitted (under specified conditions) is New Zealand. Under a separate protocol, cooked chicken meat may be imported from New Zealand.

Other than for the above, the only imports currently permitted is a small volume of processed chicken meat products that have been fully retorted (e.g. cooked in their container to high temperature sufficient to sterilise the product), such as in canned chicken, soups or pet foods.

For further details regarding import requirements, please contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) or its website ( , and in particular the BICON  database ( that lists current requirements.

The industry’s policy regarding importation is summarised in the ACMF Position Statement on Importation.