Podcasts – Hear from the Experts

A number of experts in a broad range of fields of relevance to the chicken meat industry have agreed to provide relevant commentary about issues that relate to the industry.  These recordings focus on questions that are likely to be of interest to consumers. It is important to stress that the interviewees present their own views and assessments and do not necessarily reflect the views of the chicken meat industry or ACMF.

Stephen Wiedemann

Stephen Wiedemann is Principal Scientist at Integrity Ag Services, focussed on agri-environmental research and consulting services to the livestock and poultry industries. Steve’s technical work includes water, energy and GHG benchmarking, assessment and mitigation research, development of Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) methods for government and industry, nutrient and soil management research, manure and by-product management research, extension and farmer consulting.

Stephen explains the concept of the life cycle analysis and environmental footprint addressing three questions.

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Stephen Page

Stephen Page is a veterinarian and clinical pharmacologist with a long standing and special interest in antibiotic use in all species, including livestock. Use of antibiotics and the potential resistance to antibiotics that this can induce is an important consideration whenever antibiotics are used in animal as well as human medicine. In this recording, Stephen addresses these issues and talks about the international experience.

Bachelor of Science (Veterinary) (Honours)
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)
Diploma of Veterinary Clinical Studies
Master Veterinary Clinical Studies
Master Applied Science (Environmental Toxicology)
Member Australian College Veterinary Scientists (Pharmacology)

Director, Advanced Veterinary Therapeutics

An important focus of expertise is directed at appropriate use of veterinary medicines in livestock, assessment of the risks of the use of veterinary medicines and development of risk management plans.

Active involvement for more than 20 years in the development of codes of practice and guidelines on appropriate use of veterinary medicines as member and chair of the Therapeutics Advisory Committee of the Australian Veterinary Association.

Facilitator of two units of study within the University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science online Veterinary Public Health Management programme (Hazards to Human and Animal Health and Food Safety) which explore with post-graduate students from all corners of the globe the key elements of prudent use and assurance of food safety.

Author of several textbook chapters addressing risk assessment and appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in livestock. Invited speaker on the subject of veterinary medicine use in livestock at national and global conferences in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Consultant to government, industry organisations, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, OIE (World organisation for animal health) and animal health companies on appropriate use of veterinary medicines.

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Find out what Stephen has to say about antibiotics use in the chicken meat industry

Dr Dominic Dwyer

Dr Dominic Dwyer is a medical virologist and infectious diseases physician with a strong clinical and research interest in viral diseases of public health importance eg HIV, influenza and arboviruses.

Dominic Dwyer is a medical virologist and infectious diseases physician at the Institute of Clinical Pathology & Medical Research (ICPMR), Westmead Hospital, Sydney. He trained at St Vincent’s and Westmead Hospitals in Sydney, and undertook postgraduate research at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, France.

He has a clinical and research interest in viral diseases of public health importance eg HIV, influenza and arboviruses, antiviral drugs and drug resistance. He is a member of various Commonwealth and State committees related to infectious diseases eg. the Public Health Laboratory Network and the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia.

Dr Dwyer is a member of the national and NSW influenza pandemic planning committees. He assisted WHO in Beijing during the SARS outbreak in 2003.

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Listen to what Dominic has to say about avian influenza and the potential for a human influenza pandemic occurring.

Professor Mingan Choct

Professor Mingan Choct has many years of experience in many facets of scientific research of relevance to the commercial growing of chickens. He is a professor at the University of New England.

Professor Mingan Choct’s main academic interest is in the area of carbohydrate chemistry, feed enzymes and monogastric nutrition; he has supervised more than 30 postgraduate students and published over 270 papers in journals and conference proceedings. Mingan has a PhD in polysaccharide chemistry, worked as human nutritionist, and was the CEO of the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre based at University of New England in Armidale. He is on the editorial board of several international journals (assistant editor of British Poultry Science, Poultry Science) and has been an invited keynote speaker at many national and international conferences and has extensive links with institutes and industries throughout the world. Mingan is also a scientific advisor to the International Foundation for Science and the winner of The World’s Poultry Science Association Syd Wilkin’s Prize (1990), The Australian Animal Production Young Scientist Award (1991), The Australian Poultry Award (2004), the Alltech Biotechnology Global Medal of Excellence (2005) and the British Poultry Science Association Gordon Memorial Prize (2008 confirmed).

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List to what Mingan has to say about some of the myths surrounding chicken meat.

Dr Pat Blackall

Dr Pat Blackall has extensive research experience in bacterial diseases of pigs and poultry. His research teams have produced most of the diagnostic tools and technologies that support the current prevention and control programs (particularly vaccines) for bacterial respiratory diseases of poultry and pigs. In recent years, his research group has developed considerable expertise in the on-farm epidemiology of bacteria associated with food-borne diseases in humans. Another area of significant research expertise in his group is the health aspects of the re-usage of animal waste and human sewage effluent. His group also has a major research program into the fate of pathogens in the environment in and around intensive livestock production systems.


Qualifications: B.Sc., Ph.D., F.A.S.M.
Principal Research Fellow
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)
The University of Queensland.

Area of expertise

• Bacteriology
• Bacterial diseases of poultry
• Food-borne diseases associated with intensive animal production systems
• Environmental impact of pathogens associated with intensive animal production systems
Pat has published over 200 papers and serves on a number of national and international committees dealing with such issues as bacterial diseases of animals and food-borne diseases of humans.

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Listen to what Pat has to say about bacteria and chicken meat.