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AgriFutures Australia (formally RIRDC) coordinates the chicken industry’s levied and Commonwealth Government matched investment in research, development and extension.

The AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program invests in research, development and extension activities of direct benefit to the Australian chicken meat industry. The funds are contributed through levies paid by industry that are based on day old meat chickens hatched, with matching contributions from the Commonwealth Government. Recommendations for investment in projects is undertaken by the Chicken Meat Research Advisory Panel, whose membership is largely made up of senior veterinary and technical industry experts.

Enquiries regarding research opportunities for the chicken meat industry should be directed to AgriFutures Australia.

New reports, fact sheets, guidelines and other tools

New reports, fact sheets, guidelines and other tools for industry are constantly under review, being developed and being added to the Chicken Meat Program materials available on the AgriFutures Australia website and the dedicated Chicken Meat Program extension site here.