Take a (’Virtual’) Tour of an Australian Chicken Farm

Take a (’Virtual’) Tour of an Australian Chicken Farm

Ever wondered what a meat chicken farm looks like, particularly from the inside? Or wondered about what a chicken farmer does on a daily basis?

While it’s not possible or practical to offer everyone the opportunity to physically visit a meat chicken farm – for a start, not everyone is located near to where chicken farms might be, and the strict biosecurity requirements and protocols involved in visitors getting on to farms make it unrealistic for most – it’s now possible to take a ‘virtual’ tour  of an Australian chicken farm.

So, to try and give you an idea of how an Australian meat chicken farm operates and what it looks like inside a chicken shed, we’ve created a ‘virtual’ visit to an Australian chicken farm, led and narrated by the farmers themselves. Take a look here – it only takes a few minutes, and you don’t even have to put on those ugly oversized overalls, boots and hairnets to do it (unlike the visitors in the video).

While you’re there, why not take a look at a second video, which takes you through a “Day in the Life of a Chicken Farmer”.  In this video, the farmers lead you through what’s involved in running their chicken farm on a daily basis, from preparing their farm for the arrival of day old chicks, the arrival of chicks at their farm, their daily activities throughout the rearing of the flock, what they do to prepare for their chickens to be collected for processing, and what happens on the day that their chickens are collected for processing. Not only do we learn about their daily routine, but also what it is that they like most about being chicken farmers.

Both videos can be viewed on the ACMF website – https://www.chicken.org.au/video-library/ – in the video library section under News and Resources.

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