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The Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc. (ACMF) is the peak coordinating body for participants in the chicken meat industry in Australia. ACMF represents all elements of the industry, including chicken growers and processors, at the national level.

The ACMF was formed in 1964 and its members are the five State Chicken Meat Councils (Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA), the Australian Chicken Growers’ Council and the Australian Poultry Industries Association. The latter represents the chicken meat processors that produce 90 per cent of Australia’s chicken meat. Through its State organisations, ACMF also represents a range of other suppliers to the industry, providers of services to the industry, and customers of the industry, who are involved in the production and distribution of chicken meat in Australia.

What we do

The main aim of the ACMF is to promote and represent the interests of the chicken meat industry.

The ACMF represents the industry at the national level in matters regarding international trade, quarantine, animal health, biosecurity, food standards, food safety, animal welfare and a range of other areas affecting the Australian chicken industry. It is also actively involved in providing strategic direction to industry relevant research and development bodies, and is a signatory to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement and member of Animal Health Australia.

The ACMF has a key role in developing policy and setting standards for the chicken meat industry in Australia, including in areas such as food safety, animal welfare, farming and processing practices, biosecurity, disease prevention and management and environmental practices.

One of the ACMF’s most important roles is to provide information about the Australian chicken industry, how it operates and about its products, to consumers and the public more broadly.


State Chicken Meat Councils/Associations in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia each determine their own membership structure, but in all cases membership is open to the chicken processing companies and grower organisations in that state. Additionally, some state CMCs encourage membership from allied industries, such as pharmaceutical, equipment and packaging suppliers, genetic (breeding) and feed milling companies.  Representation from academic bodies and state Department of Agriculture/Primary Industries is also welcomed in many cases.

Members of the Executive

Members of the Executive
Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc.

PositionDate Appointed

Mr Alan Wilson

President and Chairman, ACMF

President, Qld CMC

Elected ACMF President 7 August 2019

Ms Katherine Balding

APIA Nominee

Vice-President, ACMF

5 August 2019

Elected ACMF Vice-President 7 August 2019

New South Wales CMC

Mr Peter Gray

Acting President, NSW CMC9 July 2019
Victorian CMC

Mr Joel Kopanica

President, Vic CMC15 July 2019
Queensland CMC

Mr Alan Wilson

President, Qld CMC21 November 2019
South Australia CMC

Mr Dada Hu

President, SA CMC 16 October 2017
Western Australia CMA

Mr Len Brajkovich

President, WA CMA23 January 2018

Mr Allan Bullen

President, ACGC 15 January 2019
Secretary/Public Officer

Dr Vivien Kite

Executive Director, ACMF17 July 2015

Reappointed 17 October 2018

Members’ Contacts

OrganisationName/PositionContact Details
South Australia Chicken Meat CouncilMs Michaela Rock
Secretary and Treasurer SA CMC
203-215 Hanson Rd
Athol Park SA 5012
Tel: 0417 814 405
Victorian Chicken Meat CouncilMrs Chris Ward
Secretary VIC CMC
PO Box 1008
Mornington VIC 3931
Tel: 0408 572 035
Queensland Chicken Meat CouncilMs Rebecca Donohoe
Secretary QLD CMC
c/o QFF
Tel: (07) 3837 4720
Western Australia Chicken Meat AssociationLen Brajkovich
Chairman WA CMCA
Tel: (08) 9274 1784
New South Wales Chicken Meat CouncilDr Vivien Kite
Secretary NSW CMC
PO Box 579
North Sydney NSW 2059
Tel: (02) 9929 4077
Australian Poultry Industries AssociationDr Vivien Kite
Executive Director
PO Box 579
North Sydney NSW 2059
Tel: (02) 9929 4077
Australian Chicken Growers CouncilMr Michael Moore
Executive Officer, ACGC
4 Wilkinson Court
Mount Barker SA  5251
Tel: 0401 122 096