What Kids Think About Aussie Meat Chickens

What Kids Think About Aussie Meat Chickens

In last month’s blog, I shared with you some insights on what Australian consumers feel about Aussie chicken.

In this month’s blog I’d like to share with you what we found out when, for the first time, we asked Australian kids what they know about chickens, in order to help us address some of the more common questions kids have about where their chicken comes from, how they think chickens are cared for, how chickens behave and if they like to eat chicken.

From chickens with blue feathers to chicken diets comprised of snails and milk, kids have lots of fascinating, charming, funny, sometimes accurate, sometimes not-quite-so-accurate, ideas about what Australian meat chickens look like, how they behave and how they are farmed. We have captured their responses in the following lighthearted videos in the #Get to Know Your Meat Chickens series of videos:

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One thing they all seem to agree on however – and that’s chicken is yummy!

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